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Copyright 11/11/09 Donna D. Kincheloe, RN, BSN

Body cells will thrive when the balance is right

Buffers: Lungs & Kidneys work together day & night

Keeping pH range in sight . . . 7.35-7.45

Acid states will show when the pH is low

Alkalosis flies when the pH is high

Respiratory CO2 --- Acid link

Metabolic Bicarb Base is what to think

Acid – Base Acid- Base

with respiratory look at breathing depth and rate.

If you’re in a panic and breathing frantic

You’re blowing off acids: CO2

Then … you’re BASE. High pH, low CO2

lightheadedness and tingling too.

Hyperventilation - - You may need to give sedation or breath in a paper bag for respiratory alkalosis.

Acid – Base Acid- Base

Respiratory Acidosis cannot wait.

When you’re breathing barely - - O2 is scary

You’re holding on to acids: C02

Acidosis: low pH, high C02, drug overdose, infection too.

Bronchodilators, perhaps ventilators for muscular disorders that cause Respiratory Acidosis.