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Home Lyrics Electrolyte Ditty

Electrolyte Ditty

Electrolyte Ditty

Copyright 2009 Donna D. Kincheloe, RN, BSN


Weakness of muscles “At Risk for Falls”

Bolus is not for me. Use a pump for my K+ IV.

Please put me on and EKG

Watch out for U waves.


Twitch,tingling, tetany,

positive Trousseau’s

Give Calcium carefully, put on an EKG,

yogurt, yellow cheese and broccoli, and milk with vitamin D.


Restrict my fluids quick.

Give me some salt.

3% saline’s good.

Be careful for you could, throw me into CHF and overload my heart and lungs.


Give me Kayexylate and make me poo.

Put on an EKG so you can monitor me

And if my K+ does not go down, Take me to Dialysis