Acid Base (Metabolic)

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Acid-Base (Metabolic)

Metabolic  Acidosis          Happens two  ways

Increase of Acid  Loss of Base:       RENAL OR GI

Alcohol     Diabetes         Starvation Can

Make a lactic acid state that kills:   FAILURE & SHOCK

Neuro changes    Kussmaul Breathing         Dysrhythmias

Low Bicarb;        Low pH,             High K+

Give Bicarb carefully,       Serum K+ can drop quickly

Replace the base but watch the EKG:  FOR VENTRICULAR RHYTHMS


Metabolic Alkalosis                      Hydrogen Loss

NG  Suction                   High intake of Base:         BICARBONATE ANTACIDS

Diuretics, Steroids, vomiting:  Acids are lost.

Low K+,             Low Chloride,     High pH:            LOW RESPIRATORY RATE

Confusion,         Paresthesias,       Muscle tetany

Seizures are a possibility;              HYPOCALCEMIA

Electrolytes & Fluids may need to be replaced

to help the kidneys excrete BASE.

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Dr. Donna Kincheloe, DNP
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