Acute Renal Failure (ARF)

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Renal Failure, Renal Failure                 When acute there are 3 main causes.

Prerenal failure, Prerenal failure         Impaired perfusion is the major problem here.

Volume depletion, diuretics, dehydration, GI losses, hemorrhage,

MI, Heart Failure, abnormal rhythms, anaphylaxis, or shock.

What do you do with pre-renal?                      Identify and treat the cause.

Replace volume, replace the blood, and review the patient’s drugs.

Maintain the pump, the proper rate, and treat the shock before it’s late

Check BUN, GFR, creatinine, I & O, and osmolality.

This is reversible!

Intrarenal, Intrarenal                            The kidney structures are involved

Ischemia, Ischemia                              to glomeruli and tubes

Injuries cause sludgy sediments and pigmentation.

Intrarenal, Crush injuries, intrarenal, trauma and burns

Myoglobin is released.

NSAIDs and gent, IV contrast, any Nephrotoxic drugs

Infections too can harm the tubes

Hemoglobinuria caused by blood reactions or hemolytic anemia

Acute Tubular Necrosis will occur

Preserve all kidney structures, Please  Be sure the toxins leave

In post renal, in post renal       There is an interrupted flow

Perfusion’s fine                                   Structures align

Urine production is OK

BPH, stones, tumors, strictures

Prevent urine from flowing

Identify and treat the cause for all Acute Renal Failure

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