Apple Sauce

Homemade applesauce is so fun to make. An adventure if

you have little ones or grandchildren who love to help in

the kitchen. Depending on the age, you may hear the words, "Me do.
Me do." Make those memories mom and gram.

McIntosh red apples give great pink color to the sauce. The ingredients are so easy: apples, water, and sugar and cinnamon are optional!

Simply wash, core and cut into quarters. Toss apples into a pan with 1/2 cup water.

Put the heat on medium and cover with the lid. Have a wooden spoon ready to stir
and watch them puff up and get soft. Check often and stir a bit to keep from sticking. Once all the apples puff the fun begins. Years ago, my husband and I went to a flea market and I found an apple saucer, just like my gram used.

Once the apples puff up and are soft, pour into the saucer. If your children are helping, allow the apples to cool. Then you take the squisher and whip the pulp into a bowl.

You can add a little sugar and cinnamon or enjoy it sugar-free!

I confess, I have never known the proper names of this remarkable kitchen equipment. until today. Thanks to google, I can educate you and me!

This set is called a Chinois with stand and pestle. Believe it or not it sells for $50 to almost $200.

My ten dollar flea market apple saucer and squisher works just fine! Feel free to borrow it anytime!

Enjoy your applesauce. It freezes well and you can even cook it and just throw it through your strainer with a wooden spoon to pick out the skins. Just be creative and call your kitchen equipment whatever!

We have a food saver which we love. Allen renamed it, "the sucker downer!" Whatever can bring you laughter and fill you and yours with joy!

Bless you all and Happy Holidays,
Dr. Donna