Baked Chicken

My husband is the best when it comes to baking a chicken.
He sticks onion and celery inside the cavity. He pats the bird dry and sprays olive
oil all over the outside. Then comes the fun.
Allen has a ton of different seasonings. He uses the pork and chicken rub by Traeger. Depending on his mood, he may add some poultry seasoning or sweet Basil.
My husband is a retired HVAC man. That stands for Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning and he loves a thermometer. Chicken is safe to eat at a temp of 165, be sure to check it at the thickest part, usually the breast. Allen prefers 170 degrees.
My dear old friend, Peggy used to say, "stab the bird with a fork and when the juices run clear it is done!" She also said, "wiggle a leg and if it pulls apart, it's done."
I am sure everyone has a method for bird doneness. What's yours?

Baked chicken is probably one of my favorite meats. I also love the left overs for sandwiches, pot pie, or chicken salad.
Stick in a white or sweet potatoes while the oven is on and fix a green bean casserole and your meal is complete.
Enjoy this healthy homecooked meal!
Dr. Donna