Biscuit Brief

Download the recipe here!

In Pennsylvania, Gram never baked biscuits for breakfast. Toasted homemade bread, pecan rolls, or yeast rolls took center stage on our little table. When I moved to North Carolina, friends taught me all about biscuit making. My friend, Paula, often invited me to spend holidays with her family and they never wasted one biscuit! I learned about a true delicacy:

biscuit toast! How to make biscuit toast!

Simply cut left over biscuits in half, lightly spread with butter and place in the toaster oven or broiler. Watch them carefully as they turn a crunchy golden brown. Great with over-easy eggs or even as a substitute for chicken pot pie crust! Great with coffee and marmalade or any favorite jam, jelly, or honey!

Please pass on my hints for your friends who struggle with high blood pressure or heart failure.

Often sodium diet restrictions seem to steal away the very things you love to eat. When I worked as the heart failure coordinator, I came across an amazing hidden secret.

Did you know that there is such a thing as low sodium baking powder?

Often when products are low sodium, you have to check the ingredients to see if they have exchanged sodium with potassium, which can cause havoc with medications and heart rhythm. I use Rumford low sodium baking powder in all of my baked goods. No, I don't have high blood pressure but I don't want it either!. Also, there are excellent biscuit recipes on the American Association of Heart Failure Nurses (AAHFN) patient education tip sheets.
Now I live in the Midwest where biscuits and gravy are a main attraction on any restaurant breakfast menu. So I am hooked, I confess. Biscuits have replaced my love for yeast rolls in the morning. But I don't make them often and when I do, I half the recipe and use the smallest biscuit cutter to reduce guilt and gluttony!