Cherry Delight

Download the recipe here.

I am an old baker. Over the years my cookbook collection keeps getting bigger and more diverse. Beautiful hardback books, my trusty three-ring binders with recipe cards taped to color pages and snuggled into page protectors. I know the internet has millions of free recipes on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. An entire library of You Tube videos showcase talents of some of the best-ever cooks and bakers leaving nothing to chance.
Yet, being a golden oldie, I cling onto my favorite dilapidated cookbooks which are worn, falling apart, stained, and marked with post-it notes. The wonderful recipe I am sharing with you comes from this tried and true, faithful friend: the 1972 Pennsylvania Grange Cookbook. Are you familiar with a grange cookbook?

The Pennsylvania Grange cookbooks have the best recipe collection submitted by multiple grange members throughout the Commonwealth. Beneath every recipe is the name of the ones submitting and the Grange no. they represent.

Multiple Recipes with Multiple Names!

Several pages with slight variations of ingredients, which makes it easy for you to pick one that matches what you have on hand! Check out these names: Cherry Delight, Cherry-Cream Cheese Dessert, Easy Cherry Cheesecake, Cherry Dessert, Cherry Supreme, Cherries in the Snow, and White Mountain Surprise. Some with lemon juice, some without. Sometimes you bake the graham cracker crust or you let it set up in the fridge.
Easy to make and easy to serve. And for those of you who love cookbooks, I just discovered the Pennsylvania Grange still has them for sale! Great Christmas gift for one's like me!