Creative Quiche

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Quiche is probably one of the quickest and easiest dishes to make. You can add any type of meat or vegetable you desire. Plus, you can serve it for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or supper. Perfect with a mixed tossed salad or cup of soup.
Never let the thought of fixing pie dough intimidate you. I believe you can get them all ready to toss into the pan.

If you like just ham and cheese, I use Swiss but I anything goes. I also love nutmeg sprinkled on top. The recipe I gave did not include any amounts for vegetables. I usually cut up my veggies and probably use about 1/4 to 1/2 cups. Use your own judgement and experiment.

Onions can also be sautéed with peppers, mushrooms and asparagus. Don't forget spinach, yellow squash or zucchini!
Also be aware that if your knife does not come out clean at the end of cooking time, just add 10 minutes and check again!
Enjoy my friends!