Critter Crime

Gardeners possess a generosity gene. We love to share green beans, tomatoes and fresh veggies with friends. But this year my critters friends are taking advantage. I suppose I talk to them much too often.

Just look at that sweet face. He is such a baby. I can talk to him and sing to him
and he lets me get so close I can almost pet the sweet innocent wee one.
But I believe he has some relatives who commit crimes on a regular basis. Gardeners must develop Crime Scene Investigator skills.

Take a good look at this:

Any idea what this is? A few months ago it was a thriving green bean bush. Now we have rows of green been used-to-be bushes. And who do you think chowed down?

Another mystery? ? ?

One morning all of our coleus laid broken off like someone trampled them in an effort to walk up the steps to the deck. Of course we had to replant and we now have left a pathway in hopes the critter will take the hint!
Then I found somebody chomped off my purple torenias from the pots on the deck. So I kept an eye out.

I caught the culprit. Baby bunny's relative sitting in my whiskey barrel as if my posies
represented a bunny buffet. Critter crime to be sure.

What lesson can we learn from this?

Sometimes we can put a lot of effort and time into worthy projects. We plan for a certain outcome and if the results fail to meet our expectations we can feel violated;
especially if friends take advantage of us. Our attitudes and responses affect us as much as others. What available options do we have?
I'm sure a hunter might want to get a gun and shoot my bunnies without guilt. That wouldn't work for me!

Let's not load a verbal gun to shoot at people who hurt us or take advantage. Consider this point - social media does not make us invisible! God has unbelievable vision.

I could cry and fuss over the broken coleus, but instead we laughed when we found out who was trying to sneak up the stairs. How silly to jump onto the flower pots when the stairs were free and clear! We chose to adjust, replant and create a critter stairway.
There are times we have to make room for people who take a different path. Remember the saying,

Best to cut people slack,

for one day they may have to cut you some!

And that's what we do when people take advantage. We don't know how hungry people in our life may be. We can't read their minds or often understand motives. But we can choose to adjust. Just this week our sweet neighbors shared green beans with us!
Gardeners know our choices involve critters, like people in our lives they will commit crimes. I prefer to love them, laugh, and learn!
Have a great summer dear Gardeners. Keep your CSI mindset and try to snatch and share some of your veggies before your furry friends strip them bare!