Determination & Risk

Determination and risk are a pair of characters worth knowing and keeping. If this concept seems strange, let me explain. Risk is probably the most familiar of the two concepts. Some people live with an aversion to risk. Taking a chance may be as scary as a surgical procedure. So they never try anything new or foreign. On the other end of the spectrum, some love risk and will jump off a bridge or a skyscraper without any safety net.

What about determination?

The definition of determination seems to be filled with so much of what we long for in life.

Descriptors include: purpose, will power, firm resolve.

Can you imagine having unflinching stick-to-itiveness?

Guess what determination can deliver?
Completion of projects.
Meeting goals that seem unattainable.
So why do I have pictures of my handknit shawl in this blog?
I took a risk to make a shawl from a pattern way above my knitting
capability. I purchased expensive yarn and I worked on it feverishly.

Was it easy? No.

I made more mistakes than I care to admit. If I messed up, I had to rip out
three or four rows to correct the mistake. I made about 8 mistakes.

Did I consider tossing my mess into a basket of discouragement?

Of course! Giving up is my nature and may also be yours. Giving up is easy. Perseverance requires changed attitude and actions. And that choice is mine.
My desire to knit this shawl to wear at an upcoming conference was my motivation. I invested money in my yarn and I confess a bit of guilt added to my motivation. I actually wanted something special and one-of-a-kind for me. So determination won and pushed me through to the finish line.

I embraced determination and risk. And boy did I learn!

If I stay focused to the task, identify my mistakes, fix my mistakes, rework the pattern, invest the time and the blessing of finishing well is the result.

We receive the education that if we never try
we will never accomplish the goals that we desire.
No matter what your project may be remember to consider the companions
determination and risk. Know this pair is a change catalyst.
Read Chapter 6, Contagious Changes, in A Life Just Like Mine and discover how
risk and determination change grandpa and me.
Today make friends of risk and determination and finish well.
Blessings my friends,
Dr. Donna