Easy and Delicious

Download Curry Chicken Broccoli Recipe

Download Jello Recipe

I love easy to prepare recipes that allow for creativity. I don't like to waste food.

This Curry Chicken, broccoli, rice casserole is great.

You can use turkey and different veggies. If your husband is like mine and curry is

not a favorite, don't put any in his portion! If carbs and cheese do not agree
with your diet, leave off the topping. You can also add water chestnuts and
different spices of your liking.

You can make this ahead of suppertime and bake it right before you eat.
If you have a neighbor or two, this is a great dish to share.

Here is one of my favorite Jello salads.

Of course it is filled with fruit. Know you can change the Jello to any preferred flavor. I love the lemon.

My husband and I attended a retreat and experienced COVID when we
got home. One of my dear friends called and asked what she could make us.
I sent her this recipe. My tastebuds were in the dumper! This hit the spot.
I have often made this for friends who have lost someone unexpectedly.
During grief, nothing tastes good. This is an excellent gift for loved ones during
that time. It is light and provides apples, bananas, and pineapple and nuts.
Again, a very easy time-saver that is so appreciated.
Enjoy these recipes and please pass them on. They have been favorites of mine
for years!
Bless someone with delicious!
Dr. Donna