Quick Suppers for Gardeners

Quick suppers happen at our house in the spring. Gardeners understand.
Pruning, weeding, tilling, planting, and mulching creates terrific hunger. When
you're plum wore out a good meal seems like an elusive dream. This month let
me help you with what I call quick suppers! You don't need a recipe card for everything you need to prepare these meals is in this blog!

Allen is my grill master. Marinate chicken breast slices or tenders in balsamic salad dressing for 8 hours or more a Ziplock bag in the fridge. He sets the Traeger grill on 350 and once the chicken registers 165 degrees it is done. If the grill is on you can toss all kinds of veggies on and season with vegetable seasoning. I love my squash crisp tender! You can grill asparagus, mushrooms, onions, zucchini, and even broccoli. Be creative. We used olive oil on a basket and seasoned with no-salt vegetable blend. Easy on and off!
Add a toss salad or slaw and cranberry and your meal is complete.

Another favorite quickie is smoked porkchops, steamed cauliflower, and sweet potatoes.

Years ago I lived in a rental house and the landlord was a marvelous cook. She boiled sweet potatoes, then fried them with a little butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon. If you are watching your sugars, you can boil, smash and add whatever topping you like. I sprinkle a bit of ground cloves on the smoked pork chops and they pan fry quickly. Steamed cauliflower or broccoli are easy and delicious. If you need to sprinkle something, try Mrs. Dash or use some tarragon vinegar. I like mine plain!

Okay gardeners take a look at these faithful beauties!

I love the Solomon seal we planted it years ago and it is beautiful every spring. Purple salvia line this bed which sports white and lilac woodland phlox.

So many people comment, they have never seen yellow peonies! These huge blooms make a striking centerpiece.

This year our spiderwort went crazy. I believe the birds are responsible for the
neighbor reported they have several in their yards and gardens they never planted!

The flowering bush with the deep red flowers is a Carolina allspice. I know if you're smiling you know the story, page 30 from A Life Just Like Mine!

If you haven't read my book, let me share a piece of Ethel's story:

Ethel lived back down the Sharp Road, a single lane dirt road sandwiched between thick woods on each side. She frequently popped into Gram's for tea, coffee, and a piece apple pie or whatever dessert sat on the counter. Once, as I waved goodbye to her from the porch while she was leaving the front driveway, she gave me a good scare. Ethel was looking over her right shoulder as the car ambled forward, heading straight for Gram's beloved allspice bush and apple orchard.

I shouted in a panic, "Ethel, Ethel, stop! Stop!" Laughing, she stopped, put the car in reverse, shrugged and drove home. Later Grandpa told me the back story of Ethel with a gun to her head!

And I look at my Carolina allspice and remember good people, great gardening, and delicious quick suppers.

Enjoy the spring. Love the beauty of flowers and sunshine. God created a marvelous
world for us to enjoy. Eat hearty and stay healthy!
Your fellow gardener and cook!
Blessings always,
Dr. Donna