Ribbon Salad

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The luscious ribbon salad on a lettuce leaf brought the Christmas colors to the Christmas dinner table every year. The fluffy lemon layer sandwiched by the red raspberry and lime green layers welcomed Jell-O to the feast!

Isn't it funny how some flavors take you home again?

Whoever said you can't go back home must have lost their taste buds. One bite of this and my memories sharpen.

Gram, Patti Marie, and me flying about the tiny kitchen. Feeding friends, neighbors, and family was Gram's joy. And dishes? Well, Patti and I held multiple baptisms in the porcelain sink with every pot, roaster pan, iron skillet, cup, glass, utensil, you name it! I confess, if I could have a Christmas meal with Gram and Grandpa once more, I'd do all the cooking and I'd clean all the dishes. But, since they are in heaven, I'll just cling onto my memories and have another piece of ribbon salad!

If you have grandparents and family that loves you, enjoy every minute this Christmas season.

Love you greatly,
Dr. Donna