Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies spark smiles in the making and the tasting! Don't you love the memories of flour sprinkled toddlers standing or kneeling on chairs to reach the rolled out dough? Cookie cutters in hand they laughed with glee as they pressed out chicks, stars, and flowers. The aroma of the kitchen flooded the house.
Once the cookies cooled, another adventure! Frosting!
Drops of food coloring give the kids another way to design shades even Crayola never captured. A little dab adds more sweetness to the crunchy creations.

Sometimes we think sugar cookies can only be for Christmas or Easter. But we can enjoy these anytime! This dough can be divided, refrigerated or frozen. If you lack toddlers or grandchildren, make a batch, pour a glass of milk, crunch away, and relish the memories!
Dr. Donna