The Birthday Guy

Imagine a line of cars showing up in the driveway. Children armed with gifts and giggles run to the front door and ring the doorbell incessantly. Shocked and puzzled, you open the door as a stampede of ten-year-old kiddos cram into the foyer.
Snickers grab your attention, as you see your son peering through the white railing of the stairs. The devil shot out of his eyes, as mischievous glee danced all over his face.
"Whatever have you done?"
"Gee mom, I made invitations just like you do and invited my whole class to my birthday party!"
"You did what?"

"But son, it's not your birthday."
"Shhh..., not so loud!. They don't know that!"

Let's Flip this story!

Imagine a huge birthday celebration that takes months of planning and preparation. The menu includes everybody's favorites. The house is decorated inside and out with lights, greenery, and bows. The gifts covered in gold, green, silver, or even brown paper sacks wrapped in twine, come in every size and shape. Some special surprises for everyone invited.
When the door bell rings and guests arrive, take a moment and look about.

Did you forget to invite the Birthday Guy?

On Christmas, please remember to invite the Birthday Guy.

He is the best gift giver ever!

Invite Him into your home and your heart. You may want to start a new tradition. Why not sing Him a Birthday song? If you don't know one, I'll be happy to teach you a golden oldie. Here are the words. Join me and sing Happy Birthday Gentle Savior.

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. Enjoy the greatest gift.
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Happy Birthday to the dearest Savior and Birthday Guy.

He is the reason for the season!

Bless you all,
Dr. Donna