True Normal

Last week my husband and I stopped for lunch at one of our favorite barbecue restaurants. Instead of the hostess, we were greeted by a handwritten notice taped to the podium:
“Sorry, we are out of chicken.”
We skedaddled out of there and decided to go home. I shared my plan with Allen. “It’s such a cool rainy day, how about if I make chili and cornbread?”
He smiles, “Sounds great.”
But I knew we were out of eggs, so we stopped at a little neighborhood store. No eggs for the delivery man was late. We drove across the street to another convenience store. Yeah! We spied two cartons of eggs on the bottom shelf in the cooler. Allen checked them carefully and of course they expired two weeks ago.

Have you ever had a day like this?

Sometimes unpredictable circumstances override well thought out plans. When this happens, we ask, “Why can’t I have a normal day? And if life circumstances cause chaos we dare to ask, “Why can’t I have a normal life?”

Maybe normal is the wrong word. Maybe we need to revise normal or at least add to the Oxford definition meaning "to conform to a usual, typical, or expected standard." I’d like to create a more realistic phrase: True normal.

Let’s consider the term true north as an example of revision. One could say true north is the opposite of South and refers to the use of a compass to provide direction.

But true north has another meaning. We can refer to true north as an inner sense or calling in life: A blend of values, beliefs, and purpose to give us direction.

Why not do the same with the concept of normal?

True normal in our lives can be defined as well-planned out routines seasoned with chaotic unexpected unpredictable circumstances. Some days are simply normal and some true normal.

The crazy thing about true normal is stress, frustration, or aggravation can be the result. Guess what? Those responses are choices and can be pretty unattractive, don't you agree?

Why not adjust, laugh, and find a reason to be thankful?

Allen and I wondered if all the chickens in the world had come down with illness. Or maybe they flew the coop and went on strike? Of course, if they rebel, forget laying eggs! Ain’t gonna happen.
When we got home, I made chili and yes, we adjusted. You can’t beat the comfort of peanut butter sandwiches with a steaming bowl of thick turkey chili, filled with diced tomatoes and chili spices.

True normal will show up in life. The response we choose is up to us. Consider these choices:

Be lighthearted, not livid.
Adjust, refuse aggravation.
Change frustration into far-out funny fables.
Make sure you have peanut butter in the cabinet!

Be thankful for every normal day in life and when true normal shows up be

sure to choose wisely!

Dr. Donna