Upfront and Honest:  A Different Approach to Sales

Life has changed so much when it comes to marketing strategies and sales. I remember the Avon lady and the Fuller Brush door-to-door salesmen. That personal relationship resulted in sales. But today we are bombarded with social media ads for everything.

The frustration lies in the disrespect for our time. Over and over again I am instructed to "watch this video to learn how to lose my body belly fat."
First, I wonder how in the world do they know I have belly fat?
Then when you click, the video, this educational experience will require your steadfast attention for nearly an hour. If you have that kind of time you will find out the pills you need to swallow or the concoction you need to mix and drink will cost hundreds of dollars. And if you bite, the credit card company may alert you to the potential scam!

My preference is to be upfront, honest, and respectful of time.

I also am aware marketing courses that successfully push the emotional envelope.
"Buy now before the price increases. Buy now, this is the only opportunity for you to purchase this amazing product. Time is limited."
Yes, many people have utilized these strategies to make millions.
But this strategy doesn't feel good to me.

Imagine marketing that mirrors the creator's motivation.

Consider why anyone would choose to write books or make any type of products to sell.

Is money the motivation?

For some companies and people it may be the greatest motivator and essential for successful sustaining of the business. Everyone understands this strategy, especially for those who support employees and families.

Personally, my why is helping you and others find value and peace by

promoting the truth of the One who loves us.

My books and t-shirts share a message that is upfront and honest.
A new self-directed course is coming soon to support those riding the
struggle bus of loss. Of course the cost will be reasonable and
the stories and handouts will mirror the creator's motivation.

Helping others through the chaos of this life is what feels right to me!

Your unorthodox marketer and friend,
Dr. Donna