Chronic Obstructive Lung disease

Develops over time

Narrow airways, vascular change,

Remodeled bronchial design.

Destruction of parenchyma

Chronic productive cough

Fibrosis & Scars

Inflammation that mars

Air trapping and mismatch occurs

Emphysema and Chronic Bronchitis

Pollution and breathing in noxious gas

Recurrent infections that never pass

Major Risk Factor for COPD

Lighting up cigarettes frequently

Impairs ciliary action and irritates and destroys the alveolar walls.

Major goal should improve ventilation, remove secretions, give long-term O2

Vaccinate for both pneumonia and the flu

Bronchodilator therapy, treat all infections, use Chest PT.

Stop smoking is key to quality when living with COPD.

Copyright 11/7/09 Donna D. Kincheloe, RN, BSN

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Dr. Donna Kincheloe, DNP
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