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Diabetes can be controlled by diet and exercise.

Monitor glucose and take the right dose of metformin or glyburide

Some people take Lantus, Humalog, use an insulin pump or a pen

Why different means for the same disease?  Examine types to understand!

Type I Diabetes                        This is autoimmune.

Beta cell damage results in lack . . .

of insulin due to T-cell attacks.

3 – ‘P’s     and recent weight loss, along with high blood glucose.

These young ones are thin and need insulin.

They may have ketones (in the urine).

Type II Diabetes Most common.  Includes every age

Cells are resistant to insulin, betas grow tired,

liver glucose goes wild!

Fatigue, recurrent infections, poor healing, and visual change.

Metabolic Syndrome and obesity are the risk factors named.

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