ODE to ER Workers

ODE to ER Workers

Nobody knows the trauma we’ve seen.

Head injuries, skull fractures.

Motorcycle accidents – people tossed from ATVs.

Oh if they’d wear helmets.

Lives of despair – No hope at all.

Seek drugs. . . drown in alcohol

Abuse of babes and the elderly

Sometimes evil surrounds me.

Nobody knows the heartaches and tears

Death comes to work too often

Striving to diagnose pain – – relieve fear

This is why we’re here.

We come to work and never know

Who will come through our doors

Any age, race, gender are welcome, you know

We care for the uninsured.

Nobody knows the joy we embrace

When we save lives and families.

Collaborative teamwork creates a huge knowledge base

Thank God for ER workers.

And when we stand at heaven’s gate

There will be no long wait.

The look of love on our Lord’s face

Will blanket us in Grace

Nobody knows the blessings I’ve seen, miraculous interventions.

Our work’s not in vain, remember your team and Pray for ER workers.

Copyright 2009 Donna D. Kincheloe

I love teaching and helping people find their path. I hope these help you as much as I've enjoyed making them. Blessings.

Dr. Donna Kincheloe, DNP
Educator, Author, Speaker, Nurse