Disrupted blood flow to the brain yields

Diminished neurologic signs

Thoughts, memory, speech

Sensation, Gait

“Brain Attack” Help cannot wait

Patients present with different symptoms:

Numbness or weakness on one side;

Some can’t talk or walk;

Vision may not be clear;

HEADACHE may be severe!

Ischemic stroke is often caused by cardiac and vascular diseases.

Clots just can’t wait to fly to the head.

They hide in carotid arteries

And patients who have atrial fib.

Re-establish blood flow to the brain with tPA (if indicated).

Rehab is key for mobility – self-care – elimination –

Pain – impaired communication

Hemorrhagic stroke from aneurysms, AVMS, or blood thinning therapy.

Hypertension can make vessels bleed.

Do neuro checks and Vitals . . . Watch out for increased ICP.

Right Hemispheric stroke: Behavior can be so impulsive.

They’re not aware of limitations;

Poor judgment, impaired memory, they will confabulate so Keep the patient SAFE!

Left hemispheric stroke: gives the patient all kinds of language problems.

Emotions ride a roller coaster: Slow, cautious, mad, anxious, sad, frustration, guilt, and worthlessness.

CT CTA MRI EEG help diagnosis.

Maintain airway, Observe for neuro changes, reduce disability

Support and teach patient and family.

Donna Kincheloe RN, BSN Copyright 12/11/09

I love teaching and helping people find their path. I hope these help you as much as I've enjoyed making them. Blessings.

Dr. Donna Kincheloe, DNP
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