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Walk the Halls™

Educator, Author, Speaker


Dr. Donna D. Kincheloe, DNP, RN, CMSRN

A nurse with 44 years experience, has had the privilege to comfort many of those who have experienced trials in their lives. In her book, I Never Walk the Halls Alone, Donna shares intimate stories of precious people of faith who have survived life crises.

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...and be inspired

Take a walk with Donna as she dives into personal stories and situations almost all nurses find themselves. Look through Donna’s eyes as she cares for her patients and regales us with the spirituality of nursing and the compassion she has for others. This book is a great stocking stuffer or graduation present for the future nurse in your life. Current nurses will relate to the sad and sometimes sometimes situations at the bedside. By the end, you will know the meaning of Donna’s favorite mantra; do good, seek peace, and pursue it.

Speaking Events

Donna loves to present to any faith based groups or those seeking medical education. She combines humor and real life anecdotes in teaching students and patients. Her stories, compassion, and knowledge warms audiences and lifts up those caring for patients with various medical problems. You can request a  speaking engagement for multiple medical issues and faith topics. 


Dr. Donna Kincheloe, DNP, RN developed an evidence based, spiritual care toolkit, as a way to meet spiritual needs for patients and patient families. Her work has been published in the Journal of Clinical Nursing and you can read the abstract by visiting https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29315996/


Donna is the author of the book, I Never Walk The Halls Alone.  Patients and families share the most intimate life lessons. Faith shows up. The life of a Christian nurse is blessed. An excerpt from this book is found in, Worry Less, Live More: God’s Prescription for a Better Life . a bestseller by Dr. Robert Morgan. Donna’s book makes a great gift for nurses, nursing students, or any healthcare worker.

My Story

The Institute of Medicine recommends advanced education for nurses and Donna has embraced that challenge. Her journey began in Pennsylvania where she received her nursing diploma from Sharon General Hospital School of Nursing (1978). She received her BSN (1996) and her MSN in nursing education (2011) from the University of Southern Indiana. In April 2017, she completed the highest terminal degree for clinical nursing and received the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). As the principle investigator of translational research, she developed, implemented, and evaluated the effectiveness of a unique spiritual toolkit that was found to be a statistically significant intervention in meeting the needs of patients and families in the acute care environment.

What people say

Jim Watkins

American Christian Writers

As the editor of Donna’s new book, I constantly found myself distracted from looking for misspelled words or commas in the wrong place and simply became an inspired and encouraged reader. So, if you find some errors, my apologies. It was a very difficult book to edit because it was such an engaging book to read.

Robert N. Brite


Donna Kincheloe shares healing stories of God’s love for her and her critical care patients before, during and after duty hours. Several incidents surprise us with ending moments similar to those within Paul Harvey’s “rest of the story” happenings. God’s actions through Donna gently urge us to extend our faith into new situations and beyond.

Beth Boling

Church Counselor

Donna does a great job of telling the captivating stories that God has given to her. It is clear that her eyes are open to God at work in her world. She goes to His Word to know Him so that she can recognize His fingerprints all around her. This combination should inspire us all to do the same.

Reg A. Forder

American Christian Writers

We are proud to be the publisher of Donna’s book, I Never Walk the Halls Alone. I highly recommend this book and recommend Donna just as highly. I know her to be a real woman of God. Since she is blessed, I believe anyone who participates in her ministry by reading her book will also be blessed.

Mary Riley

I have just read the book and could not put it down. Donna’s stories are heart-warming, uplifting, and very encouraging. It makes you realize that everything is in God’s hands and we all need to give ourselves to Him. We should all live our lives as if this is our last day and treat everyone with the love and respect that they deserve. This is a must read book!


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