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Walk the Halls™

Spiritual Care

Dr. Donna D. Kincheloe designed a course to address the neglected piece of the holistic healthcare pie. Regulatory mandates require education on this topic, yet organizations and educational settings often are at a loss. This Spiritual Care (SC) Course will be tailored to meet SC educational, research, or quality improvement needs. Your input is critical to the creation of this course.

Free SC Resources

Free to download and use.

A Spiritual Care Toolkit: An evidence-based solution to meet spiritual needs 

This article contains Dr. Donna's DNP project which determined and compared the baseline spiritual perspectives of nurses, patients, and families. A pretest-posttest found the SC toolkit aided in overcoming the obstacles nurses face in providing SC to patients and families. The patient/family surveys found the SC toolkit helpful.

SC Toolkit Patient/Family Survey

As creator of this survey, I gladly give Spiritual Care researchers and educators permission to utilize this survey and modify it to include appropriate resources for the faith populations served. 

SC Toolkit Nurse Survey

The construction of this survey is based upon the obstacles well-documented in the literature. I give permission for SC researchers and educators to utilize this survey in future studies and to modify it in any way to obtain the desired results.